Prosciutti cotti

Bechèr’s cooked ham and “High Quality cooked ham”: the secret behind the recipe is that the whole anatomical leg is slowly cooked in a steam oven, which, as Bechèr uses only natural flavors, [...]

I Cotti Piu’

Bechèr produces four types of ham: “Cotti Più”. Its sophisticated smoking process makes them taste irresistible! They are all obtained from the pork’s whole leg and it guarantees an excellent [...]

I Cotti Arrosto

Do you know how are Bechèr roasts made? Slow cooking in special ovens is fundamental to forge their particular softness; natural aromas such as rosemary and other typical herbs of the area are used [...]

Salumi crudi stagionati

Raw aged cured meats – a deep focus on the unmistakable taste of Bechèr’s Pancetta Arrotolata, Supercoppata, Tesa, Affumicata Stagionata, Coppa, Lonzino, Lardo and Guanciale all’Amatriciana. [...]


Cold cuts- Bechèr’s and Unterberger’s cold cuts are strongly local. Bechèr can provide a wide variety of different products. Starting from our delicious 100gr sliced Speck of Cadore.



Salami – all Bechèr’s Salami are free from gluten, milk derives and lactose and at least the 80% of their meat comes from Italy. Bechèr’s production of salami is made following traditional local [...]


Unterberger’s Speck has a long past, and that’s why its taste unique. Unterberger smoky Speck lives through the years in its different cuts. It’s always made by following the original recipe: [...]


The new selection of Cubes is made 100% of Italian meat. Cubes Cuor di Pancetta are treated with less salt -30%, natural flavors and natural smoking. Bechèr’s livestocks are carefully chosen in order [...]

Salamini Specialità

Salamini Delicatessen- Bechèr’s Cacciatore Dop, “I Pippi” and Cacciatore “Tutto Mio”- all boast about the excellent and exclusive recipe, free from added polyphosphates, gluten, [...]


Unterberger’s wurstels are made from pure pork beech wood smoked. Bechèr has launched some premium novelties as: PURE PORK WURSTEL, entirely made of pork and TURKEY & CHIKEN WURSTEL, only italian [...]