Delicatessen specialties: the authentic Made in Italy taste

A brand that stands out nationally with its delicatessen specialties, Bechèr is an international ambassador of the authentic “Made in Italy”.
Strongly consumer-oriented, it boasts a complete assortment of products characterized by their genuineness and naturalness, starting from the selection of raw materials and their traceability: it maintains the autenticity and the goodness of the past respecting the original recipe, by using mostly Italian selected meats.

Bechèr owns 25 thousand square meters of production units in three factories in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno; it has 80 employees and 50 external collaborators. Bechèr is proud of being a solid and avant-garde group, which has believed in tradition for over 50 years and nowadays invests in research and development.



Bechèr carefully selects raw materials and always respects the original recipe.



Free from added polyphosphates, gluten, milk protein and lactose, Bechèr’s products are ideal for anyone who wants a healthy and balanced diet whilst enjoying that unique taste.



Bechèr offers a wide variety of different products, all made with innovative ingredients and refined recipes


Our fine cured meats

Prosciutti cotti

Bechèr’s cooked ham and “High Quality cooked ham”: the secret behind the recipe is that the whole anatomical leg is slowly cooked in a steam oven, which, as Bechèr uses only natural flavors, [...]

I Cotti Piu’

Bechèr produces four types of ham: “Cotti Più”. Its sophisticated smoking process makes them taste irresistible! They are all obtained from the pork’s whole leg and it guarantees an excellent [...]

I Cotti Arrosto

Do you know how are Bechèr roasts made? Slow cooking in special ovens is fundamental to forge their particular softness; natural aromas such as rosemary and other typical herbs of the area are used [...]

Salumi crudi stagionati

Raw aged cured meats – a deep focus on the unmistakable taste of Bechèr’s Pancetta Arrotolata, Supercoppata, Tesa, Affumicata Stagionata, Coppa, Lonzino, Lardo and Guanciale all’Amatriciana. [...]


Cold cuts- Bechèr’s and Unterberger’s cold cuts are strongly local. Bechèr can provide a wide variety of different products. Starting from our delicious 100gr sliced Speck of Cadore.



Salami – all Bechèr’s Salami are free from gluten, milk derives and lactose and at least the 80% of their meat comes from Italy. Bechèr’s production of salami is made following traditional local [...]


Unterberger’s Speck has a long past, and that’s why its taste unique. Unterberger smoky Speck lives through the years in its different cuts. It’s always made by following the original recipe: [...]


The new selection of Cubes is made 100% of Italian meat. Cubes Cuor di Pancetta are treated with less salt -30%, natural flavors and natural smoking. Bechèr’s livestocks are carefully chosen in order [...]

Salamini Specialità

Salamini Delicatessen- Bechèr’s Cacciatore Dop, “I Pippi” and Cacciatore “Tutto Mio”- all boast about the excellent and exclusive recipe, free from added polyphosphates, gluten, [...]


Unterberger’s wurstels are made from pure pork beech wood smoked. Bechèr has launched some premium novelties as: PURE PORK WURSTEL, entirely made of pork and TURKEY & CHIKEN WURSTEL, only italian [...]


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