At the factory outlet Bechèr, an authentic delicatessen cured meat shop Made in Italy, you can find a complete assortment of products characterized by their genuineness and naturalness, starting from the selection of raw materials and their traceability: only selected meats respecting the ancient recipe.

Cooked hams, speck, salamis, roasted cooked hams, dadini, wurstel and all the tasty specialties are prepared traditionally by focusing always on the choice and care of the ingredients and raw materials.


In order to satisfy the finest palates and offer a wide range of products, Bechèr offers:

  • A niche of fine wine labels, extra virgin olive oils of absolute value, cheeses that combine local tradition, quality and experimentation, high quality organic pasta, handmade sauces without chemical additives nor preservatives!
  • Exclusive handcrafted gift boxes suitable for any occasion! To be gifted to individuals, but also to companies.
  • Professionalism and convenience with special monthly promotions of the prominent Salumeria Bechèr