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"Tell me how you cook and I'll tell you who you are".
Who would you invite to dinner, what's the best recipe, what are you thinking about while cooking, and how many other things are you imagining or doing at the table or over the stove?
Many, and there's a little bit of you in everything you do. In the kitchen your personality manifests itself in a unique way. Discover it together with us among the many flavours and rich menu of unusual questions.
You'll find nine exclusive recipes invented especially for you, try them immediately and have fun answering the questions in the test.

  Who would you prepare curly endive salad with bacon for?
a. Your mother
b. Your lover
c. Your father
d. A friend

  For you sweet bacon  
a. Is always on your shopping list
b. Is a flavour you can't pass up on
c. Is an ingredient
d. Is that extra kilo on those who love the good things in life

  If a guest at the table says "Buon appetito"  
a. You reply with "Buon appetito"
b. You think "Finally!"
c. It isn't polite
d. You hope it really is GOOD

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