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Salamis and cold pork meat sausages made without milk by-products guarantee simplicity, naturalness and high quality. Not using these additives forces the manufacturer to respect the correct time required for processing and aging these cold meat products.
As a result, they can release all their fragrances, taste better and be more easily digested. Indeed, using milk by-products would allow the meat products "to artificially hold in" the water, thereby accelerating the aging process…to the detriment of taste.


The presence of gluten on the other hand does not affect the processing time or aging of the cold pork sausages. However, it creates a big problem for those who are intolerant towards this element. In view of the fact that some ingredients (for example, spices) may contain gluten, Bechèr has imposed it upon themselves to select only gluten-free ingredients so that everyone can fully enjoy the fragrance and naturalness of its salamis and pork sausages.

      (edited by Becher quality service)