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Bechér, which means Butcher, in the Lombard-Veneto dialect , Bechér is also the trade mark of the Salumificio of Cornuda, a firm that has its headquaters on the slopes of the Asolani Hills, in the province of Treviso, crib of the famous Radicchio, the Prosecco and the Sopressa Trevigiana of which Bechér is ambassador in Italy and abroad and that it is waiting for the DOP recognition. The Salumificio of Cornuda, that in 1955 took over a productive structure already existing and the "know how" of the men working there and that in the nineties fused with the Salumificio Sile, another important factory in the province of Treviso. But Bechér doesn't only have tradition and typical products in its DNA. It has always been aware of the evolving demands of the consumers.
Attualmente le aree produttive sono quattro ed occupano complessivamente 35.000 metri quadrati di superficie coperta.
  • CORNUDA (Treviso): 11,000 square metres of covered space. This site is dedicated to production and maturation of Salami. It is also where the logistic and headquarters are located.
  • PADERNO di Ponzano Veneto (Treviso): 14,000 square metres of covered space. This site is dedicated to salted products (speck, coppe, pancette).
  • PONZANO VENETO (Treviso): 7,500 square metres of covered space. This site is dedicated to the production of cooked and roasted products.

    BECHER is "the Trade Mark" of the firm. Strongly orientated towards the consumer it offers a complete assortment of genuine and natural products. But BECHER is also a mark with a declared vocation for self service for which it proposes a new range of products in Protective Atmosphere along with traditional and a wide range of quality carving products. BECHER has paid special attention to the change of style of life of the modern family. To keep track of these changes BECHER has started a collaboration with the Institute of QT research in Milan. So it is possible to direct BECHER's experience in favor of the new requests of a more demanding and aware consumer.
    New products such as "CottoNatura," a National Cooked Ham of great quality: the exclusive use of fresh pork legs born and bred in Italy, without the use of animal meal. That "CottoNatura" does not contain GMO ingredients, Gluten, Polifosfates, Glutammate or Milk derivatives! But through the study of the styles of life and the new demands of the consumers, new products of high quality service are produced such as "Le Prosciuttine," appetizing pieces of cooked ham without GMO, Gluten, Polifosfates, and Glutammate. In short BECHER has respected traditions, the quality of the ingredients and gives great attention to the new ways of life in the home.


    With this label, Salumificio di Cornuda offers Italian coldcuts that are highly distinguished by their being typical of a specific area. A small universe of specialities that are particularly suitable for representing the "Made in Italy" quality abroad.
    Salumificio di Cornuda has others labels as well that are directed towards specific markets: local markets and professional catering. Finally, a strategic role is played in the market of Private Labels where Salumificio di Cornuda has already been operating for some time.

       (edited by Becher quality service)